Smartphones, Social Media, and Mental Health

January 30, 2023

Social media is a way we can stay in touch with our friends and family, but overuse and overreliance is strongly correlated to poor mental health.

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January is Stalking Awareness Month

January 23, 2023

Being stalked by another human being is a frightening and traumatic experience. Stalking victims suffer higher rates of depression--anxiety-insomnia-and-relationship issues.

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January is Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention Month

January 17, 2023

According to, Human trafficking can happen to anyone but some people are more vulnerable than others.

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Martin Luther King Jr

January 16, 2023

Today we remember the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Many things he said over the course of his life can help us all live more fulfilling and resilient lives.

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Healthy Relationships and Mental Health

January 3, 2023

One of the most important and powerful ways to improve your mental health is to work on improving your relationships.

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