Coordinated Community Response

Ashland County Domestic Violence Taskforce & SART

Safe Haven is the lead agency for the Ashland County Domestic Violence Taskforce & Sexual Assault Response Team (SART). Members of this Coordinated Community Response team are committed to providing leadership and direction to domestic and sexual violence services in Ashland County. The individual experience held by each member shapes how the community provides comprehensive victim services. Each partner’s role is to provide assistance and training to other members about their respective agency protocols, provide a representative from their agency for consultation, share updates and events, make referrals when appropriate, provide program evaluation and development, and offer other strategies to assist this project with achieving its goals and objectives through a shared community vision.

Members include representatives from Safe Haven as well as various community stakeholders that are responsible for overseeing the project and support its overall goals and objectives including advocates, law enforcement, attorneys, prosecutor's office, health and medical professionals, educational professionals, and other social service and victim-serving agencies. 


The team meets quarterly on the first Tuesday of the quarter at 8:30am. Members are notified of upcoming meetings by email at least two weeks in advance. Meeting minutes of discussion items are documented and distributed by email to all members and a copy is maintained on file by a member of Safe Haven staff. A representative from Safe Haven shares status updates on project goals and objectives and the Collaborative Board provides specific oversight by offering resources, expertise, information, and/or suggestions to continuously improve outcomes for victims.

Working Together

The team is committed to working together to achieve project goals and objectives. Members work together to share resources and expertise with one another to promote safety and unduplicated community resources and services for persons impacted by domestic and sexual violence in our community. This coordinated response ensures that victims are provided access to timely intervention, support, safety planning, and resources.