Children Support Groups and Youth Advocacy

September 29, 2017

Safe Haven offers support groups for adults, but there have also been support groups recently added this year for youth. With the addition of our Youth Advocate in February, we have a significant increase in youth programming and services. Below is a list of the groups we offer:

Children’s Support Group: This group is geared towards kids that are struggling with anger management or have experienced trauma. The age range is approximately 2-12, with five and under in their own group. The children’s support group takes place while the adult domestic violence group is taking place.  If a parent wanted to attend the domestic violence support group and have their child attend the child's support group during the same time, they may do so. Parents do need to sign a consent/registration form for their child when beginning the group. The Youth Advocate works with the children on self-esteem, coping skills, social skills, teamwork and communication. It runs every Tuesday from 6:30pm-7:30pm.

Youth Sexual Assault Support Group: The youth sexual assault group is for 13-17 years of age. This group meets when school is out for the summer, running June-August. It is held every Tuesday from 3pm-4:30pm. This group participates in special outings to places such as Wagers Way, where teens worked on self-awareness with the horses, as well as to an Art Therapy Studio in Cleveland to meet with an art therapist and learn coping skills through artistic expression. Parents must fill out consent/registration form, medical release, and activity permission forms in order for their child to attend. The curriculum is modeled after the Washington Coalition of Sexual Assault Support Group, and focuses on self-esteem, empowerment, communication and healthy coping skills.

Additional Services

Along with support groups, the Youth Advocate also provides a variety of services. They work with school liaisons in Ashland County and provide support and a trauma informed approach to students who reveal they have been through trauma. They will meet together with the liaisons and student to go over coping skills, make suggestions, or offer resources to both the parent(s) and student.

The Youth Advocate also provides services to children outside of the school system. If age appropriate, they can work on sensory intervention to help aid in the healing of the impact of trauma and grief. All activities are in accordance with the National Institute for Trauma and Loss in Children and the Youth Advocate holds a clinical certification as a Certified Trauma Practitioner. However, the shelter also has a licensed therapist on staff who works with children. If the Youth Advocate finds a child’s needs are more in depth and requiring intense therapy and/or counseling, they will be referred to our therapist for those services.

If you have any questions on these services that are listed, or to see if we can provide a service not listed, call our office at (419) 282-6097 and ask to speak with Aubrie Hall, Youth Advocate.

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