Advocacy Services

If You Are a Victim...

As a survivor/co-survivor reaching out for help may be difficult for you. However, victim advocates can offer you information, support, and access to helpful services you might not know about. Advocates want to make sure you are safe and have the help needed recover from the rape or domestic violent crimes.


Sexual Violence Advocacy Services

Survivors of sexual violence can access a variety of services including: counseling, peer to peer support, court advocacy, hospital/medical advocacy as well as a sexual violence support group that Safe Haven offers. For individuals on Ashland University's campus, we also provide a specialized Campus Advocate to help navigate the University process.

For more information on our Sexual Violence Support Group, click here. Our Campus Advocacy services are here.

Court Advocacy Services

Court advocacy and accompaniment are provided to persons who have survived domestic violence and sexual assault. The court advocate on behalf of and in support of the survivors/co-survivors will help navigate the legal system by ensuring that the survivor’s questions are answered, interests are represented, and rights are upheld.

Individual Advocacy Services

Individual advocacy is offered to survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault including safety planning, crisis intervention, referrals for follow-up services; provide timely, relevant contact information, and advocacy which can be provided over the phone and in person.

Hospital/Medical Advocacy Services

Rape crisis and domestic violence crisis hospital/medical advocacy services are available immediately following a sexual assault or domestic violence assault. Advocates are trained to help survivors/co-survivors be aware of their options and support their decisions. Advocacy may include hospital, crisis intervention, attorney and court accompaniment, individual advocacy, support group and counseling. 

Crisis Intervention

An immediately available personal response provided by a trained advocate in a variety of setting to an individual presenting a crisis related to sexual violence and domestic violence via 24/7 crisis line, in-person at appropriate times and safe locations.